Nisha Rawal reveals why she switched off cameras inside her house with Karan Mehra

  June 5, 2021

New Delhi, June 5 : Amid the ongoing feud between actor couple Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal, the duo has spoken about the cameras installed inside their house. Karan has said that Nisha had switched off the cameras beforehand. Nisha accepted it and talked about her husband’s behaviour when the cameras were on.

Speaking to a leading daily, Karan said, “There are seven cameras in our 4BHK apartment. Every room has a camera barring the bedroom. The camera in the hall is installed at an angle that could have captured the area where she hit her head against the wall. But then, I realised that Nisha had switched off the cameras in the house. If we had the footage, things would have been clearer, but the main control was switched off. Everything seemed to have been orchestrated and planned in advance.”

Replying to this, Nisha said, “Yes, the cameras were off, and I had switched them off some time ago. Karan would be on his best behaviour, be nice to me and play with our son Kavish wherever there were cameras, while in the bedroom where we didn’t have a camera; he would abuse and hit me. So, I had switched off the cameras many days ago. Now, the police have confiscated the DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which would record everything.”

The events of their spat came to the light after Karan was arrested on Monday night when Nisha filed a complaint against him following a fight. He was later granted bail. Following that Karan and Nisha levelled allegations against each other. Nisha claimed Karan was physically abusive with her, adding he was also having an extramarital affair. She said she had confronted him after discovering his text messages a ‘couple of months ago’.

Karan denied the allegations of infidelity. He then accused Nisha of being physically abusive towards him, adding that their relationship has been strained to the point where he began having suicidal thoughts. He also said that Nisha hit her own head against the wall and threatened to ‘ruin’ him.

Karan and Nisha tied the knot on November 24, 2012, and have a son, Kavish. Many celebs including Rakhi Sawant, Chahatt Khanna, Kashmera Shah, Rohan Mehra, Manveer Gurjar, Gaurav Chopraa, among others, have spoken on the matter. (Hindustan Times)