Pooja Bedi reacts to criticism against ‘caged and masked’ tweet: ‘People despise those with wealth, health, positivity’

  April 17, 2021

New Delhi, Aprail 17 : Pooja Bedi continued to take on criticism for her tweet urging people to live freely instead of being ‘caged and masked for a year/years in fear of a virus that’s clearly not going away’. She responded to a Twitter user demanding action against her for violating Covid-19 norms by not wearing a mask, reminding him that several politicians are guilty of the same.

“@DGP_Goa @Coll_SouthGoa @Coll_NorthGoa @spsouthgoa @spnorthgoa Celeb is telling people to break covid protocol on Goan Beaches & has posted her video of proof of mask less violation, kindly issue her fine as per law,” a user wrote.

In response, Pooja wrote that Goa is not in lockdown. She went on to say, “It’s obvious no one will wear a mask while eating, drinking (in an airplane, restaurants, or in public places) or while taking a picture/ video.” She also asked the man if all the politicians pictured without masks at public events should be arrested: “Politicians across country have been seen posing without masks at functions. Will u arrest them too?” (Hindustan Times)

A screengrab of Pooja Bedi's tweet.