‘Highly discriminatory’: India opposes Covid ‘vaccine passports’ at G7 meet

  June 5, 2021

New Delhi, June 5 : India on Saturday expressed concern and strong opposition to the coronavirus “vaccine passport” at the G7 meeting of health ministers, terming it “discriminatory”.

Raising concerns about the idea of Covid “vaccine passports”, Union Health Minister Harsha Vardhan said it will be disadvantageous for people living in developing countries.

“Vaccine passports will be disadvantageous for people of the developing countries as their vaccine coverage is far less than that of the developed countries,” the health minister said at a health ministers’ meet of G7, to which India was invited this year as a guest.

In a series of tweets, Dr Harsha Vardhan said, “With vaccine coverage as a % of population in developing countries still low compared to developed countries, such an initiative could prove to be highly discriminatory.”

Harsh Vardhan also said that it is imperative to increase the production of coronavirus vaccines and ensure their equitable supply.

“In the present context of the #pandemic, it is imperative to increase production of #COVID19vaccines and ensure their equitable supply. India, which manufactures nearly 60% of all vaccines & holds rich expertise is well suited to help the world augment capacity & supply,” he said.

During his address, Harsha Vardhan also expressed support for reforms at @WHO as well as a proposed pandemic treaty to ensure better preparedness in future. India also called for heightened global collaborations at G7 health ministers meeting. (India Today)